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Duty Free Information

Our shops are duty-free and sell their goods without Consumption Tax (VAT).
To take advantage of this facility you need to present your passport and a few other documents.

Points to take care of :

Concerning duty-free goods, you have to be aware of certain points specified by law as follows:

1. When you are going out of Japan, you have to take with you the goods you  purchased.

- you are not allowed to sell them to a third party before your departure.
- in case you want to send the goods as unaccompanied baggage, you have to make the appropriate arrangements with the customs authorities.
- if you are not carrying the duty-free goods with you at the time of departure, you will be required to pay the Consumption Tax.

2. At the time of departure, you have to display “the duty-free goods you purchased” to the customs authorities with your passport on which aRecord of purchase of ConsumptionTax-exempt for Export shall be attached.

- In case you put the clubs in your registered luggage, you are requested to allow the customs officers to verify the presence of the goods in the afore-said luggage before the registration.

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