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Company Profile

Aiming to Be a Unique Presence for GolfersWe want to be a true partner that is trusted and loved by all golfers. To those who are struggling to select their club, we strive to provide the most suitable club. To those who are facing problems in improving their score, we strive to offer precise advice. What we aim for is to be a one-and-only shop that meets the various needs of golfers.

Company Overview

Trade name:
GOLF Partner Co., LTD.
13F Nishikicho Trad Square, 3-20 Kanda-nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment:
June 30, 1999
673.23 million yen
Representative Director, Junya Ishida
Description of business:
Nationwide operation of GOLF Partner, a general golf shop that sells new and secondhand golf goods
Number of employees:
1,411 people (Full-time: 326 people; Contract: 36 people; Part-time: 1,049 people)*As of June 2015


1999 :
Established GOLF Partner Co., LTD. Developed Birdie Net, a shared inventory and price valuation system
2000 :
Launched sales of original golf clubs
2002 :
Executed a business alliance agreement with Golf Digest Online Inc.
2003 :
Junya Ishida was appointed as Representative Director
2004 :
Launched sales of original golf balls
2006 :
Reached a membership of 1.5 million people for its point card
Launched the practice ground business (opened the Tama Range shop)
Launched sales of the private brand NEXGEN series
2007 :
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (TSEM) market
Launched sales through GOLF Partner Online Shop
2008 :
Launched golf club rental business
Launched franchise operations of golf practice ground business
2009 :
Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xebio Co., Ltd.
Launched the opening of shop-in-shop at Victoria Golf Implemented common point cards across all shops
2010 :
Reached 30 shops of practice ground franchise chains
Opened the Shimbashi Hibiya Exit flagship shop
2011 :
Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of shops and number of secondhand clubs sold
Opened the Iruma shop, an indoor golf practice ground
2012 :
Executed an absorption-type merger with Festival Golf Co., Ltd. as of July 1
2014 :
Opened the first overseas shop in Singapore
Started the First Golf Club Project
Reached 300 shops of franchise chains
2015 :
Reached 70 shops of practice ground franchise chains

Junya IshidaPresident & CEO

Junya Ishida President & CEO
Joined Venture Link Co., Ltd. in 1995 after working for a major golf manufacturer and a venture capital firm. Provided store guidance to participating merchants as the supervisor of Gulliver International Co., Ltd., a car purchasing network. Appointed as Director of GOLF Partner Co., LTD. in 2000. Assumed current post in March 2003.

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