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About GOLF Partner

Information on the services of GOLF Partner and the payment method.

Great Value Services at a storeof GOLF Partner

Great Value Services at a store of GOLF Partner

Inventory Search  by TouchPanel with ease

Inventory Search  by Touch Panel with ease

Even when you cannot find the club you want at the store you visited, at GOLF Partner you can search the clubs you want anytime from 550 thousand shared inventory at any store or at home, with the nationwide store network.
At any store, you can search by a touch panel terminal with ease .
(There are some stores which have terminals without touch panel.)

Point Card

Point Card

With one single card, you can use it at any GOLF Partner store throughout the country.
You can get 5% worth of points when you sell and 1% worth of points when you purchase, and furthermore you can make a reservation for the club you want in advance.
There is neither enrollment fee nor annual fee! Please apply for a point card at the nearest store!

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Secure Purchasing System

Secure Purchasing System

When the club you purchased doesn’t fit you, what you do?
To respond to such requests, GOLF Partner will purchase those clubs at maximum 95% of the purchasing price if it’s within 10 days from purchasing date including the purchase date.

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Payment method

Credit Card Payment

You can use a credit card for payment at any store, but, in some stores, usable credit cards may differ depending on each store.
Please confirm usable credit cards at each store.

Credit Card PaymentCredit Card Payment

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