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Confirmation of consent for the handling of personal information GOLF PARTNER CO., LTD. believes it is the base of our company’s business activities and social responsibility to properly manage the personal
information of customers, and will protect the personal information you filled in as the followings.
If you agree the handling of the personal information, please click “Agree and Confirm” and send it to us.

  • We will not use the personal information you filled in on the form of inquiry for the purpose other than those related to the inquiry contents.
  • GOLF PARTNER CO., LTD. will manage the personal information you filled in.
  • GOLF PARTNER CO., LTD. may entrust the management of the personal information you filled in to the company's subcontractors or business partners, but not to any other third party.
  • Filling in is arbitrary. However, when you did not fill in, there is a case we cannot answer to your inquiry.
  • When you want to confirm or revise the personal information you filled in, We will respond to it to the extent reasonable.
  • For the inquiries related to the personal information, please contact GOLF PARTNER CO., LTD. TEL: 03-5217-9700.
  • Regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy of GOLF Partner.

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