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Private Brand Strategy

XEBIO GROUP, including GOLF Partner, leverages its shop scale that exceeds 400 shops in order to plan, manufacture and sell private brand products at a production plant that has passed quality standards equivalent to national manufacturers. By understanding the multifarious needs of all golfers—spanning from beginners who plan to start golf, to juniors, ladies, seniors as well as advanced golfers—XEBIO GROUP will continue to vigorously plan and develop products with high cost performance as well as products that offer even greater added value.

The basic concept that has consecutively been handed down from the first-generation model 601 is “the high-dimensional fusion of ‘gentleness’and ‘flight’”.
Even when a driving contest professional that hammers a big drive of over 400 yards strikes the ball, or when a senior whose distance has dropped each year strikes the ball, this club equally generates distance—this is NEXGEN showing its true worth.

Mizuno has introduced numerous high-quality clubs to the world.
The GOLF Partner limited edition, which displays in every aspect a persistence on sincere craftsmanship and the world’s top level quality standards, is this fourth-generation EURUS 4AD. This is a club that naturally stimulates an improvement in one’s swing by resisting a slice, which is a problem that 70% of golfers face. We have thoroughly identified each and every capability to be undertaken by the parts, and we have finished it into a design that visually displays these capabilities.

Very popular original polo shirt created through a joint development with FILA

Chief Product DesignerYasuharu Miyagi

In addition to receiving support from many pro golfers by implementing a club design that is optimized for the swing of the using pro, such as the head design and sole shape, he has managed PRGR’s “MTI” and pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa’s exclusive model by Yonex, among others. He is one of Japan’s leading club designer.

General Product ManagerHirotaka Sakuragi

IAfter working for a major trading company, he met club designer Takamitsu Takebayashi and managed the development and sales of a 48 inch long driver for the first time in Japan. In April 2005, he was appointed as Advisor to GOLF Partner’s Product Development Department. He is currently active as a developer of the NEXGEN series.

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